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Responses to my opponents last door flier

My opponent for City Council District 4 passed out a flyer days before the Nov. 6 election with statements that were presented as facts that he had researched. I will briefly respond to his statements. I believe my opponent is attempting to mislead the public by not presenting accurate information, and making claims that are outright lies. My opponent, who has not attended any of these City Council meetings, is once again complaining about issues on which he has inaccurate and incomplete information, and has never done the work of showing up to present himself like so many in the public do who wish to seek change. In my opinion, a person who shows such a lack of integrity and honesty outside of an elected position does not deserve public trust. I regrettably have concluded that my opponent would not openly and fairly represent constituents, consider issues before the Council or present all sides of concerns to the public. On Nov. 6 we are voting for those who have the most experience and who we believe will best represent us. I will continue to represent you with integrity and openness. I ask for your vote NOV. 6.

Sugar House Redevelopment

Master plans are periodically reopened to see if there are any changes that need to be made. This opening is usually initiated by the Mayor's Administration, Planning Department. The master plan for Sugar House was reopened by the Planning Department. The adopted Master Plan now in place was the recommended plan of the Planning Department. The demolition that is proposed in Sugar House was possible for the owner of the Granite block before any changes in the master plan were made as well as after the current changes. The choice for the property owner has not changed. Councilwoman Saxton has voted every time with Councilman Simonsen on this matter - in fact, Councilwoman Saxton is the only council member to do so.

Conflict Of Interest

Salt Lake City has a Small Business Revolving Fund. In 2003 Nancy Saxon and her husband applied for a loan from this fund. They had to apply and qualify for their loan as any small business owner in Salt Lake City would. The City Council had no influence over the application or approval process of their loan. Their loan request was approved by an independent board appointed by Mayor Anderson. The board's approval recommendation was submitted to Mayor Anderson and Mayor Anderson personally approved the loan and gave his written signature to it. The Councilwoman's loan was done legally with a full and thorough process. Her loan was given a no conflict of interest or prejudice opinion by the City Attorney. Her 20 year loan was repaid in less than 5 years, after a devastating fire destroyed their Wedding Reception Center and their insurance company failed to pay on the claim.
The new policy voted on in 2007 would not allow her loan to be considered as of that date 2007. Her loan was not then and is not now illegal. Her opponent made a manipulation and misrepresentation of the city loan program and his comments demonstrate he does not understand the actions taken by the City Council and the Mayor's office.

Pioneer Park

Over the past 4 years Council Woman Saxton has acted with serious consideration on improvements to Pioneer Park . Over the past year the City Council has funded nearly $2,000,000.00 in improvements and changes in Pioneer Park features that are underway right now. In the past 2 years an additional 18 police officers have been funded by the City Council at a cost of $1.8 million dollars and Council Woman Saxton has invited the community to join her initial research of possible benefits of cameras for photo surveillance. Twenty-five percent of the police budget is already spent in the area of Pioneer Park. Salt Lake City has put millions of dollars into housing and services for the homeless in our city and the community, more than any other city in the State of Utah.
 Councilwoman Saxton has supported innovative and proactive changes that would give a unique personality shift to Pioneer Park. The horse mounted police proposal was entertained by the City Council at Council Woman Saxton request but was rejected flatly by Mayor Anderson. The cost to Salt Lake City was only $40,000 for the first year of programming. Councilwoman Saxton personally sought and got commitments of an additional $40,000 by locally owned businesses to make the horse mounted police possible.

Youth City

In 2002 the Mayor came to the City Council with a request to accept a $1.2 million dollar grant. As I recall that this was a matching Federal Fund Grant for a youth program, which means that the City had to commit to match the funding for an extended period of time. The Mayor had had no previous consultation or discussion with the City Council members about this program before he made his request.  Before approving this Federal Grant Council Woman Saxton and other Council members raised
several questions and concerns. This program appeared as a duplication of youth services and staffing for such programs already in existence. In the City Council work session there was a unanimous vote to say 'no' to the grant request as presented. The City Council at that time asked the Administration to come back with a full plan for partnering with other similar youth programs already in place by the school district, and private and nonprofit youth agencies.
Once the Administration provided the plan to the Council, Councilwoman Saxton voted in favor of the Matching Fund request.
Today more money is spent on the administration of this program ($300,000) than is available to spend on the youth programming.
Councilwoman Saxton has repeatedly urged the Administration to work collaboratively with other successful youth programs to do the administrative part which would free up hundred of thousands of dollars to serve thousands more of our youth in Salt Lake City. What Nancy Saxton provides is not just good leadership, it's GREAT LEADERSHIP.