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Simply put...

 Salt Lake City Council Member Nancy Saxton

i2-smDear Neighbor and Friend,

Your family and neighborhood are the most important issues in the 2007 Salt Lake City Council race.

You make our community what it is--and what it will become.
People and homes create neighborhoods, which support local businesses, and create a tax base to provide city services. The quality of a neighborhood affects your house value, your family's safety, and your quality of life.

As a second-term Salt Lake City Council woman I am running for re-election and neighborhoods lead my agenda. I want to keep our neighborhoods strong and vibrant and I am asking for your help.

    Why the focus on neighborhoods?

    • I served as a community council leader for my neighborhood, where  we focused on local needs - traffic flow, school crossings, zoning, area cleanups, crime, preservation, and rehabilitation.
    • As a small business owner, I worked in my neighborhood and issues of homeowners, residents, and other businesses became my concern.
    • As a City Council member I've seen how safety and quality of life for all our citizens starts in our neighborhoods

    I have seen firsthand what neighbors can do when we work together. We can bring our community into the councils office.

    Together we will take our neighborhoods to City Hall!
    Thank you for your support.

    Nancy Saxton
    Your Neighborhood City Councilwoman


  • Nancy Saxton For City Council, P.O. Box 521495, Salt Lake City, UT 84152


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